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This essay, titled A Vindication Of The Rights Of Cunt (vitamin A reference to the classic A Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman) is, like Germaine Greer's The Politics Of Female Sexuality, explicitly presented atomic number 3 a manifesto. Like Greer's seek, it was papas burgers games first published by the underground press, and is refreshfully aim, radical, and right. It has been reprinted, in half-length spring, by C Magazine as That Cunt Has Balls: The Last Of The Four-Letter Words (2002). Fortunately, it has none of Eve Ensler's ego -congratulations and none of Inga Muscio's o'er -generalisations. Indeed, The Politics Of Female Sexuality and A Vindication Of The Rights Of Cunt ar in all probability the two most significant contributions to the cunt-power movement.

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